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Come to know a little about the reality of Porto Seco Centro-Oeste, in Anápolis / GO. It will be an honor to introduce you to one of the largest Ports in Brazil. We thank you for contacting us and we are very pleased with the interest in visiting our facilities. We want you to realize how important it is to the lives of all of us.

Today visits to Porto Seco, through the Porto Aberto Project, serve the student and business community with the scheduling of four visits per month (one per week), with priority given to teams that requested more in advance and a maximum limit of 50 people per visit.

The closest date will be informed after the submission of the visit request form.

Here are some recommendations.

  1. We have a limit of 50 people per visit (including monitors and teachers);
  2. Read the instructions contained in the Visit Request Form and COMPLETE it COMPLETELY (full name, CPF and date of birth) so that your request is sent for authorization by the IRS;
  3. The completed form must be sent to the email no later than 48 hours before the date of the visit.
  4. Each visit requires the completion of a separate form;
  5. The visit starts with a lecture of about 30 minutes and then a tour inside the bus by the company (about 30 minutes / not being allowed to get off in the areas);
  6. If you encounter any difficulties during the authorization process, please contact us at (62) 3310-6100 and request to speak to the Communication Department;
  7. This process is part of the pre-booking, your visit is still NO is authorized.

We ask for care and attention in filling in this data, especially in relation to data such as Full Name, Date of Birth and CPF of all visitors. Any error (minimum, that is! A wrong number in the CPF, for example) paralyzes the process, as the data are compared to the data from the IRS system and in the least inconsistency of the data we will need to contact you and request the rectification of the given.

When filling out the form, send it to .