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The location of Porto Seco Centro-Oeste S / A is the best in the entire Brazilian interior, when it comes to logistics. It is located in the city of Anápolis (GO), a municipality considered the “Trevo do Brasil”, due to the natural ease of integration of the region with the other consumer centers in the country.

Porto Seco was implemented in a strategic region: 55 km from Goiânia, capital of the state of Goiás, and 154 km from Brasília, capital of Brazil. The positioning also guarantees access to three federal highways that cut through Anápolis: the BRs 060 (São Paulo / Brasília), 153 (Brasília / Belém) and 414 (Anápolis / Niquelândia).

In addition, the company has a railway branch – the Centro-Atlântica Railway, which offers an additional facility to combine the resources of its customers and better and more varied transport options.

The city will soon be Ground Zero for the interconnection between the Centro Atlântica and North-South railways, in an advanced implementation process. Porto Seco is also the anchor of the Multimodal Logistics Platform of Goiás and the Cargueiro de Anápolis Airport, both at a distance of less than 1km from the terminal facilities.

Due to the association between road and rail modes, the most diverse types of cargo can be transported through Porto Seco. The terminal connects the entire Midwest market to other parts of the country, transforming great distances into economically competitive distances.

• Goiânia: 53 Km

• Brasília: 159 Km

• Uberlândia: 368 Km

• Belo Horizonte: 819 Km

• Palmas: 839 Km

• Campo Grande: 884 Km

• São Paulo: 942 Km

• Cuiabá: 980 Km

• Santos: 1.012 Km

• Rio de Janeiro: 1.224 Km

• Vitória: 1.331Km

• Salvador: 1.522Km

• São Luiz: 1.982Km

• Manaus: 3.430Km

By associating the road and rail modals, the Dry Port of Anápolis can be transported the most diverse types of cargo, connecting the entire market of the Midwest to other points of the country, including ports and airports, transforming great distances into economically competitive distances. The terminal operates both as the origin and destination of domestic cargoes, imported or destined for export.

Porto Seco Centro Oeste is privileged to offer in its terminal, the railway modes. It is an operation in partnership with VLI (Integrated Logistics Valley), which has enabled rail transit efficiently, safely and economically for the reception and disposal of domestic and foreign market goods.

The former Federal Railway Network (RFFSA), today The Atlantic Center Railway (FCA), gained extremely advantageous dimensions with the installation of Porto Seco Centro Oeste S/A, from 1999, expanding the socioeconomic growth of Anápolis and the region. 

Essentially dynamic, the FCA, today, is one of the most important railways in the country, with a considerable volume of movements of containerized loads, being the Port of Anápolis the main supply terminal of this modal. With 7,080 kilometers of extension, it is considered the main and most efficient axis of connection between the Northeast, Southeast and Midwest regions of Brazil. It crosses more than 250 Brazilian municipalities in seven states: Minas Gerais, Espírito Santo, Rio de Janeiro, Bahia, Sergipe, Goiás and São Paulo, in addition to the Federal District. Its integration to large ports such as Vitória (TVV, Paul, Codesa), Santos, Angraporto (Angra dos Reis – RJ), Aratu Terminal; Port of Salvador (BA), Port of Anápolis – GO and Uberlândia – MG and its connection to other railways, such as the Vitória/Minas Railway (EFVM), MRS Logística, Companhia Ferroviária do Nordeste (CFN) and Brasil Ferrovias, make FCA a major import and export corridor in the country.

The route of the Express Train System has as main products transported; sugar, fertilizers and fertilizers, petroleum and alcohol derivatives, steel products, soybean and soybean meal, phosphate, pig iron, ores, containers and general cargo. The Terminal of Porto Seco Centro Oeste S/A is responsible for 40% of the total volume of loads handled by the train.

The municipality of Anápolis is the ground zero of the interconnection between the North South and Atlantic Center railways. The movement and distribution operations from The South North will definitely consolidate The Porto Seco Centro Oeste S/A in the route of the major logistics projects in Brazil, increasing its operational capacity and connection with the North, Northeast, South and Southeast regions.

With regard to the road modal, Porto Seco was implemented in a strategic region, 55 km from Goiânia, capital of the State of Goiás, and 154 km from Brasília, the capital of Brazil. Three federal highways cut through the Anápolis region: BRs 060 (São Paulo/Brasília), 153 (Brasília/Belém) and 414 (Anápolis/Niquelândia).

Most used road distances for connection with maritime and air modes:

• Brasilia: 159 Km

• Belo Horizonte: 819 Km

• São Paulo: 942 Km

• Saints: 1,012 Km

• Rio de Janeiro: 1,224 Km

• Win: 1,331Km