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Special operations
Porto Seco Centro Oeste is a bonded terminal specialized in offering logistics solutions in different areas and segments. As a leading provider of storage and handling logistics in the Brazilian Midwest, it maintains a range of services associated with a strong technological integration, modern infrastructure and specialized team.
Cargo handling services are supported with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure maximum agility and efficiency. Today the logistics services offered by Porto Seco Centro Oeste include the fulfillment of special projects and implementation of complex logistics operations, which allows better planning, productivity gains and savings for its customers. The service to cargo of the Brazilian Army, transfers of industrial plants from various sectors and the acquisition of large equipment for optimization of existing complexes can be cited as examples of care made by the terminal.
The security for these calls is a primary factor, the company is fully protected by modern alarm system and electronic surveillance circuit; with the tactical support of a permanent and trained guard corps, which performs the armed security of the terminal 24 hours. Our processes undergo risk management, remote monitoring and tracking. In addition to property security, all facilities of the Dry Port of Anápolis, as well as all the goods stored in the enclosure are ensured. Our clients are fully backed by insurance policies, contracted to fully meet their needs.