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Considered the "Foreign Trade Corridor" of the State, Porto Seco Centro Oeste S / A adds competitiveness to the industries of the region with a modern infrastructure and differentiated portfolio of services. With a total area of ​​approximately 400 thousand m², Porto Seco offers competitive advantages for companies that seek to make the storage and handling of their cargoes viable with total safety and reliability.

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Providing integrated logistics services, combining continuous improvement and innovation, is the quality policy of Porto Seco Centro Oeste S/A. To ensure excellence, we invest in the acquisition of modern equipment, state-of-the-art computerized systems and training of our team. Allies, these factors allow you to carefully control all phases of the work developed. Thus, it is possible to find integrated and customized solutions for the storage and movement of the most different goods. The company has its own power generator capable of supplying the entire Storage Complex, as well as machinery with state-of-the-art technology, such as forklifts; top loader and forklifts, in addition to electronic mats, hand pallets, complete safety equipment and others necessary for the movement of any type of loose or containerized load.
For Porto Seco Centro Oeste S/A safety is a key factor. The company is fully protected by modern alarm system and electronic surveillance circuit, with the tactical support of a permanent and trained guard corps, which performs the armed security of the terminal 24 hours. Our processes undergo risk management, remote monitoring and tracking. The company has the most modern camera monitoring system in Brazil, with hidden and visible cameras scattered throughout the terminal. In addition to property security, all dry port facilities, as well as all goods stored in the enclosure, are ensured. Our clients are fully backed by insurance policies, contracted to fully meet their needs.